Tiange’s work on CO2 Electroreduction from Carbonate Electrolyte is now online!

The process of CO2 valorization – from capture of CO2 to its electrochemical upgrade – requires significant inputs in each of the capture, upgrade, and separation steps. Here we report an electrolyzer that upgrades carbonate electrolyte from CO2 capture solution to syngas, achieving 100% carbon utilization across the system. A bipolar membrane is used to produce proton in situ to facilitate CO2 release at the membrane:catalyst interface from the carbonate solution. Using an Ag catalyst, we generate syngas at a 3:1 H2:CO ratio, and the product is not diluted by CO2 at the gas outlet; we generate this pure syngas product stream at a current density of 150 mA/cm2 and an energy efficiency of 35%. The carbonate-to-syngas system is stable under a continuous 145 h of catalytic operation. The work demonstrates the benefits of coupling CO2 electrolysis with a CO2 capture electrolyte on the path to practicable CO2 conversion technologies.

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